StalkBuster – A clever strike against the corn borer!

The 460plus StalkBuster harvesting header with four big gatherer drums and two intake drums is a sturdily built, no-nonsense machine. With its working width of 6.0 metres it fits perfectly into the KEMPER product range.Specially shaped flails to completely crush the stubbles.

Destroys the winter residence of the corn borer.

The stubble is the best overwintering home for the larvae. An intensive destruction of the stubble is very important.

According to the FAO the corn borer destroys 4% of the global maize cultivation area. This corresponds to the food requirements of approx. 60 mill. people.

The StalkBuster is integrated into the rotary crop header. It crushes the stubbles intensively before they are pushed down by the tyres of the forage harvester.

Mulching System Stalkbuster

- Specially shaped flails to completely crush the stubbles

- Each stubble is hit up to 3 times. The stubbels are completely smashed.

- The flails are coated with tungsten to reduce wear.

- A ratchet clutch protects each unit individually

- Pneumatic pressure system for soft adaptation to ground contours

- Pneumatic cylinder integrated into the base frame

- Contact pressure of the units adjustable via control valve with hardly any ground contact

Flail change in seconds without special tools due to polygon gearing

Exact ground adaptation through individually suspended units. Even lower stubbles are attaced.

Automatic lifting of the mulching units during reversing when speed is lower than 0,4 km/h. This avoids demages of the units. The mulching units are back in working position by moving forward. The driver can concentrate on essiential shopping work. 

Fast disassembly of the hood, if mulching is no t required. Just one bolt.

Transport of the maschine

Safe and secure – must be Kemper

It is not only in the field that the 400plus series is an innovation: the headers have important advantages on the public roads. The comfort support wheel automatically ensures maximum safety and meets with the most stringent road traffic regulations. The driver has a perfect view of the road. Easy turning and optimised weight also simplify transport. When the machine is folded, two safety covers are automatically put in place an both sides of the machine. The integrated lights are automatically connected, too. Uncomfortable manual attaching and detaching now belong to the past. This helps to save valuable time – the driver does not need to leave the cab. The SPFH is very quickly ready for chopping, which results in increased productivity. The comfort support wheel is o ffered for 8, 10 and 12 row, 400plus series headers for attachment to Claas SPFH.

ntegrated lights are automatically connected with an electric coupler.

Fully automatic folding of the two side covers.

The wheel is parked while chopping, no extra weight carried on the header.

Technical Data

460plus StalkBuster 


2,90 m

Total width:

6,05 m

Height unfolded:

1,81 m

Hheigth folded:

2,95 m

Working width:

6,00 m

Transport width:

3,30 m

Gewicht der Grundausf. ca.:

3320 kg