460plus – up and away

The 460plus harvesting header with four big gatherer drums and two intake drums is a sturdily built, no-nonsense machine. With its working width of 6.0 metres it fits perfectly into the KEMPER product range. When harvesting maize over 4.0 metres, the 460plus  shows its real ability. The big gatherer drums ensure almost loss free feeding. Plants take a direct path towards the feed rolls of the forage harvester.


When harvesting maize over 4.00 metres, odd row width for example 38 inch (=96 cm), thin stemmed crops and extreme laid crops, the 460plus  shows its real ability.

Wide range of applications: Maize, sorghum, sunflowers, whole crop silage, oilseed rape, hemp, pampas grass, etc.

Road transport

Safe and secure – must be Kemper

It is not only in the field that the 400plus series is an innovation: the headers have important advantages on the public roads. The comfort support wheel automatically ensures maximum safety and meets with the most stringent road traffic regulations. The driver has a perfect view of the road. Easy turning and optimised weight also simplify transport. When the machine is folded, two safety covers are automatically put in place an both sides of the machine. The integrated lights are automatically connected, too. Uncomfortable manual attaching and detaching now belong to the past. This helps to save valuable time – the driver does not need to leave the cab. The SPFH is very quickly ready for chopping, which results in increased productivity. The comfort support wheel is o ffered for 8, 10 and 12 row, 400plus series headers for attachment to Claas SPFH.

Integrated lights are automatically connected with an electric coupler.

Fully automatic folding of the two side covers.

The wheel is parked while chopping, no extra weight carried on the header.

Cutting System

Row independent cutting system

Row independent cutting system with high speed cutting rotors and freewheel mechanism. Cuts across the entire cutting width by means of enclosed saw type rotor blades with replaceable segments. Fast rotating cutting rotors also cut under heavy circumstances, for example, weeds or whole crop silage.


Tungsten carbide coated saw type blades, manufactured with quality certification, self sharpening, lower load placed on clutches and transmissions. Available as service set.


The 300plus series features special shaped cleaners. The sharp edged maize stubble is broken up by the cleaners placed under the cutting rotors. This not only protects the tyres of the forage harvester, but also speeds up the decomposition of the stubble.

Technical specifiations



2.61 m

Total width:

6.00 m


1.52 m

Height folded up:

2.14 m

Working width:

6.00 m

Transport width:

3.00 m

Weight of basic machine approx.:

2,820 kg


Bei extremen Erntebedingungen im Mais über 4,0 m, unterschiedlichen Reihenabständen, z.B. 38“ (96 cm), dünnstängeligen Pflanzen und extremer Lagerfrucht zeigt der 460plus sein wahres Können.

Vielseitig einsetzbar: bei Mais, Sorghum, Sonnenblumen, Ganzpflanzensilage (GPS), Raps, Hanf, Elefantengras usw.

Transport der Maschine

Die äußeren Mährotoren sind hydraulisch einklappbar auf eine Transportbreite von 3,00 m. Der zusammenfaltbare Unfallschutz ist mit Blink- und Positionsleuchten ausgerüstet. Gegengewichte sind entsprechend dem TÜV-Gutachten zu berücksichtigen. 


Technische Daten



2,61 m


6,00 m

Höhe ausgeklappt:

1,52 m

Höhe eingeklappt:

2,14 m


6 m


3 m

Gewicht der Grundausf. ca.:

2820 kg