ProfiCracker™ C250

Whether it's a long chop for dairy farmers or a short chop for biogas plant operators Kemper's ProfiCracker™ provides the perfect solution

Carefree harvesting through reliability!

A corncracker is the heart of any chopper. The intense chopping of the forage has a great effect on the quality of the silage. Perfect processing places high demands on the cracker and the drive. Your success as a contractor or farmer depends greatly on the proper operation of the cracker. Take advantage of the high degree of reliability of the ProfiCracker™. Kemper relies on the many years of experience of Scherer Inc. (USA) in the construction of crackers.



Problem-free in all harvesting conditions

Crackers with roller diameters from 200 – 280 mm with sawtooth and TwinCut™ profiles can cover all of your processing needs:
> Corn silage short chop
> Corn silage long shop
> Whole-plant-silage

ProfiSilage™ with TwinCut™- rollers:

Cracker solutions for specialists by specialists

High nutrient yield due to the woolly feed structure, Full kernel cracking with optimum fraying of the remaining plant matter at the same time

Standard features

Sturdy construction

- Simple, robust housing and compact design

- very smooth running 

Temperature monitoring

-Continuous monitoring of the cracker's bearing temperatures

-Bearing cooling minimizes the risk of breakdown 

-Prevention via early detection

-Minimization of downtimes

Unique oil lubrication system (oil instead of grease)

- Bearings in oil baths with additional, pneumatically supported oil mist

- Cools and conserves bearings
- Slight air pressure prevents silage juices and dust from entering the bearings > long service life

Optionally available

Pneumatic belt tensioning system

- Optimized transmission of force to the cracker drive disks

- Belt slippage is reduced and the service life of the belt is extended

Technical specifications

Technical specifications                          C250                     
Choppertype (Claas Jaguar series)

Series 494 from SN 49402913, 496,

497, 498, 499, 500, 502

Roll diameter250,00 mm
Roll profile (Tooth combination)
Sawtooth for Maize (110/ 145)
TwinCut for Maize (110/ 145)
TwinCut WCS (145/ 165)
Length1071,3 mm 
Width680,5 mm 
Height 391,5 mm
Weight394,00 kg
Speed difference50%
Roll width700 mm
Shaft diameter (through bearing)70 mm (60 mm)