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1. Intellectual Property

This product including all its parts, i.e. computer program, pictures, data base and all information, are protected by intellectual property rights. Without prior consent of KEMPER any kind of use could be regarded as an infringement of intellectual property rights and may result in legal action. This applies in particular to copying, translations, microfilming and processing in electronic systems.

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2. Trademarks

KEMPER is a subsidiary of Deere & Company who own many registered trademarks and patents in Germany and other countries. By making this website available to the public no licenses or other rights are implied. No use of the KEMPER and/or Deere & Company trademarks whatsoever is allowed, unless prior written consent has be granted.

3. Liability

All pictures, texts, prices and other information whatsoever available on the KEMPER website are not to be deemed legally binding. Kemper reserves the right to change the contents at any time. KEMPER refuses to accept liability for any kind of inaccuracies and/or omissions.

Moreover, KEMPER refuses to accept liability for any harm resulting from the use of the KEMPER website notwithstanding any claim arising from willful intent and/or gross negligence.

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